Thursday, July 26, 2018

As If I Had Never Left
Masnoh Wilson

Dried fish, pig feet, fresh fish
damp, wet smelly odors
stale, rancid,  reeking air
Bitter balls, kitterly, egglant, peppers
leafy greens, cassava leaves, kelles greens, collard greens
As far as the eyes can see
Freshly cut, just ground spread all over table tops
I cannot believe I am standing in this place
Hearing the noise all around, the sounds of cars, trucks
pen-pen, feet moving, people moving, everywhere
all around, sounds of laughter and busy feet
movements everywhere, light rain falling
with mud everywhere
But I'm just standing still
Caught in the moment
Relishing the sounds, trying not to miss a thing
Just standing there for a moment or so
As we bantered back and forth
As I'm trying to buy from everyone
Who has something to sell
When it suddenly dawned on me
"I've never really left this place"

And in that instant for a minute or so
I was transported to a time
A time that lives in infamy
When Liberia quietly and peacefully slept
On the tranquil West African shores....

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