Saturday, October 11, 2014

Beloved Liberia
by Masnoh Wilson

Long time ago, once upon a time
You were a beacon of hope
For Black People everywhere
From all over the world people came
Because you were the place to be
But now you sit abandoned
Beaten down, weary, despised, neglected
Abused by us your own people
Who take you for granted
And have left you to die alone and rejected
Years of civil strife that did not have to be
Have plunged you into this abyss of darkness, sorrow and grief
And now Ebola is ravaging you, dead bodies everywhere
The pain so great, how can you bear?

And so your beloved children weep
We bawl, we moan, we sit forlorn
We wail, we grieve, and we cannot be comforted
For our beloved land is now a wasteland

But we remember your glory days
When you were THE PLACE to be
A land blessed with iron ore, diamonds, timber, rubber, and hydropower
Known for your beautiful beaches, lagoons, and rolling plains
Plateaus, mountains, and rich tropical rainforest

Aye Liberia, we weep for you
Please help us Lord
To do right by her
To love her, to cherish her
To cradle her, to heal her wounds
Just as a mother cradles her child
And loves that child, no matter what
Sacrificing her own life so that her child may live
May we love you Liberia in the same way

We Are The World - Michael Jackson Lionel Richie Cindy Lauper