Monday, May 20, 2013

I wrote this poem in Liberian English as an appeal to Liberians  and a call to action.  We've had a civil war and so now is the time to rebuild our country from the inside out...physically and psychologically.  We need lots of emotional healing in order to rebuild a strong and vibrant nation. So Liberian peepo, I beggin yor nah, leh us try...

Aye Liberian Peepo

by Masnoh Wilson
I say my Peepo
Leh kahn tork  dey plawa yeh
Yor know we fini fwetting dah ollor war deh
So nah aye tahn to hep fix dey country

Leh us stop all dey fwetting eh-mon oursefs
And stop all dis for nahtin tork
Aye whey nah carry us nowhere oooh
Aye whey  ownnay brin us down
So leh try to suppor each ollor efforts
To hep rebay our country!

We are good decent peepo dem
We know hah to werk har
We know hah to come together somtahns
Leh doway all dey tahn
We deh oldest country in Africa
Leh us show dey peepo out deh, weh we can do


We gah goo hart, Leh put it to goo use
So I bayg your oooh,
 Leh do sontin why we stay gah our breaff in us.

Dah all I gah to say oooh… yor tank you!!!!