Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lessons From Mom

I am re-posting a poem I wrote about my mother last year.  I had the honor of reading her this poem at a Senior Breakfast at Gateway Community College in May this year.  Everyone loved it and I hope you will too.  Please comment on my will help me become a better writer.:)

Lessons from Mom
By Masnoh Wilson
O my Ma…
She’s always telling, teaching, talking,
All the time, all the time
She makes me laugh so hard, you know
Because you see,
I’m a grown woman living miles away
Loving my life, doing my thing
But yet Mom is still calling and trying
To tell me what to do…
How to live, what to wear
And even how to fix my hair

So when I call
To say hello
And Mom starts her teaching thing
You should see me rolling my eyes
Switching my feet
Rocking my hips
Halfway holding the phone
Sighing to myself, while thinking of a reason
To end the call

But, her remedies for swollen feet
Gassy stomach and constipation
Aches in the joints and other places
Are all beginning to reverberate
Especially now that I’m entering
The second phase of my life on earth
Her advice on love
Marriage and child-rearing
That was always met with such resistance
Are all now becoming invaluable
Because as we all know
And have always known
Mothers are exceptional creatures…
Is there anything a mother doesn’t already know????

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