Friday, August 10, 2012

300 Million Strong

This poem was inspired by the speech President Obama made at the Memorial for the victims in the Gabby Gifford shooting.  I was so moved by the speech that I wrote the phrase 300 million strong in my notebook.  Days later, I started to write the poem…please comment after reading.  I would love to hear your thoughts… This was published in an online magazine recently ( and I’m now reposting.

300 Million Strong

By Masnoh Wilson

All around me, I see my family
300 million strong…
From all walks of life
And every nation on earth
From all seven continents combined
 Representing a family sublime
Divided by language, culture, color and creed
Yet trying our hardest to be
One Nation under God…
From all walks of life, my eyes behold
All God’s children,
Living and dwelling together as brethren

For we are not black nor white or yellow or red
We are humans of all shades of brown
The human race created by God
To bring forth
His Beauty, Glory
And Grace

The people here before us with their culture intact
Have influenced the way we interact
For no man lives to himself
And no man dies to himself
Our lives are intertwined
From the day we first exhale

So we are not a perfect union
Yet we must all strive to be
That one person who tries
To make life better
For others in the Family
Of 300 Million Strong

We are learning to live together,
Respecting each other,
Learning to be our brother’s keeper
While loving and helping one another
In this our family

300 million Strong
 Descendants of people
Who left the Old World
Some willingly, others unwilling,
To settle in the New
And somehow make it their own

The gifts they brought benefit us all
Every country, culture and tribe
Represented in these Great United States
Brought something to America
That can never
Be taken away, ever!

Yes, we know we are not a perfect union
But still we must all strive to be
That one person who try
To make life better for others
In this family of
300 Million Strong!!!!!