Friday, July 6, 2012

When Darkness Came

This poem is a very personal one that took me a while to write.  For a while I did not want to feel anything or write anything...But last week I sat down and wrote this.  I hope it helps someone out there who might be going through some life-changing events.  Some people might not like to hear this, but God is real; and is becoming even more real to me as I deal with the recent events I write about in this poem. If you would like to know more, inbox me on facebook or send me a tweet at Masnoh's Books.

When Darkness Came…
by Masnoh Wilson

When darkness came
My heart stood still…
The pain so great
I thought it would break

Nothing prepares your heart for this pain
No matter how long on earth you’ve lived
This gut-wrenching, devouring, scathing ache
That just won’t go away, no matter how hard I try

I still grieve some, weep some
And then ponder…
About the nonsensical events of my life
Asking God how can it be...
A child’s life interrupted… Could not I foresee?

An illness so profound
I dare not utter its name
Has taken over a vibrant child
A lively, energetic, and spirited being
Oh God, tell me this is just a delusion

Tell me I’m dreaming and then wake me later
Cause I want to sleep until it’s all over
But over it will not be for a while
I must awake, and deal with it now

But where do I go, where do I turn
Everything seems to be shutting me down
My heart's so heavy, with grief, it’ll burst
Until I find my Anchor, The Solid Rock!



  1. Masnoh, this was heart-wrenching to read, so I can only begin to imagine the pain of writing it. I'm so full of what you've communicated I couldn't begin to comment on craft. But the very act of communicating something so painful in such a personal fashion must say something about your abilities and talent. Let me sit with this a while, and weep small. I would carry some of this burden if you let me. Love you, sister, Annie

    1. Thanks Annie...we have to meet...

  2. My Dearest Masnoh,
    Being able to so aptly capture/define the fiery, endless pain by which you would prefer to sleep "through until it is all over" is life-altering; a break through for you as well as we, your readers. You are so prolific in your expression (especially the last stanza)that you help us free those shared empty feelings; becoming emotionless due to the overwhelming walk with strife. Of course, I cried a million tears as this touches that special place in my heart for the "lively, energetic, spirited child", who has been dealt a bad deck of cards... I pray the darkness will pass and light will be restored by your Anchor...Profound, heart-breaking, but so helpful in communicating the darkness that envelops us and is so difficult to put into words..My prayers are always with you both, as I feel this is my greatest help to you..You have no idea how this poem has impacted my own life and unveiling the perspective of that endless pain to which I have never been able to put to words... Brava, Masnoh!

  3. Thanks Paula, I wasn't sure I wanted to share this, but changed my mind because I felt this could help somebody. I'm glad it helped you. You have a way with words yourself Paula...I've always enjoyed your letters and notes(your postcard to Janday 17 years ago made me know you were a "keeper" for sure my friend.:)

  4. Dear Masnoh,

    Though words cannot adequately express the pain of your journey, the have the power of healing. Your faith will take you a long way.

    Althea Romeo-Mark

  5. Thanks Althea. Prayer and Praise gives me the strength to continue going on...

  6. This is deep, good one.