Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Beautiful Me

This poem was inspired by some alarming tweets I read this morning filled with so many disparaging remarks
 about our physical features.  As Black people, we need to celebrate and show off the beauty we possess.  I decided to write through the eyes of a child so that our children can stop being ashamed of who they are!!!

Beautiful Me
By: Masnoh Wilson

Beautiful Me
Who told me so?
You already know

'Cause in me you see
Mankind indeed
For I begin with mahogany
And sometimes end with ecru

Doesn’t matter whether
My hair is tightly coiled,
Loosely curled
Or wavy straight

After all, I am the only one of course
Who can wear my hair 
So many ways, in so many styles
Whenever I want, whenever I please

Doesn’t matter that my nose is broad
a little bit wide
Or kinda narrow
Or almost straight

Doesn’t matter that my lips are big, brown
Or medium red
Or thin and pink
Or does it matter what you think?

This is no mystery you see
Cause my beauty honey 
Begins with me 
And ends with you!

Beautiful Me
I know I am
Who told me so?
You already know!

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  1. Perfect for reading to children to help boost their confidence when they are bullied at school because the look different.