Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dahboh, My Grandma

Was thinking about my Grandma the other day and what she meant to me… I always wished she had lived long enough to see us grow up.  She buried her son and then we had to bury her too.  I was still young when Dahboh passed, but she left quite an impression.  So today, I present, my En-Neh…Grandma!  Enjoy!

Dahboh, my Grandma
Masnoh Wilson

Dahboh…my Grandma
“Old woman” in Bassa
But “old woman” Dahboh was not…
Smart as a whip and ooooh what a Diva!

Spoke no English
And she didn’t care
Swung her head in the air, with her hand on her hips
‘Cause only Bassa, Dahboh wanted to hear

She told us stories
That rambled on for hours
Laughing, singing, smacking her hips- pow
Sometimes it felt like she had superpowers

Always joking, roaring with laughter
Imitating us whenever we gathered
Recited stories of her own childhood
Stories of joy and sorrows, stories that mattered

My Grandma had eyes in back of her head
Couldn’t fool her, no you couldn’t
Every now and then you got the look
So you could remember what was important

Dahboh didn’t take no mess
Dahboh  always stood for what was right
When you look at me sometimes
My Grandma's smile’s dynamite!