Friday, February 24, 2012

A Snowy Day

Here is a poem I wrote when we had our first winter storm two weeks ago.  A girlfriend on face book posted something about snow falling down and another friend added to the poem.  I wished I had copied their posts…however I went to work the following day and penned this. This is inspired by my kids when they were little and loved playing in the snow.

A Snowy Day

Snowy, snowy, snowy day
Snow is falling everywhere
Little flakes, dusty flakes
Powdery, feathery snowy flakes

Looking outside my windowpane
Lots of places I could play
Can’t wait to get outside and run
This snow’s gonna be so much fun

Got my boots, my mittens and hat
On goes my coat, all buttoned up
Mom’s hot chocolate will have to wait
Have to go now, can’t be late

Ran outside with a wham, wham bang
Slammed the door so hard it shook
Fell into a humongous pile
So much snow to thrash and hide

Friends came over from everywhere
To build snowmen, igloos, snow angels too
Took turns sledding in the backyard
Ending playtime was really hard

Scuttled inside, snow’s everywhere
Mom’s annoyed, I can see why
Got all cleaned up, raced to the kitchen
Hot chocolate and muffins waiting to be eaten!