Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lessons From Mom

I am re-posting a poem I wrote about my mother last year.  I had the honor of reading her this poem at a Senior Breakfast at Gateway Community College in May this year.  Everyone loved it and I hope you will too.  Please comment on my will help me become a better writer.:)

Lessons from Mom
By Masnoh Wilson
O my Ma…
She’s always telling, teaching, talking,
All the time, all the time
She makes me laugh so hard, you know
Because you see,
I’m a grown woman living miles away
Loving my life, doing my thing
But yet Mom is still calling and trying
To tell me what to do…
How to live, what to wear
And even how to fix my hair

So when I call
To say hello
And Mom starts her teaching thing
You should see me rolling my eyes
Switching my feet
Rocking my hips
Halfway holding the phone
Sighing to myself, while thinking of a reason
To end the call

But, her remedies for swollen feet
Gassy stomach and constipation
Aches in the joints and other places
Are all beginning to reverberate
Especially now that I’m entering
The second phase of my life on earth
Her advice on love
Marriage and child-rearing
That was always met with such resistance
Are all now becoming invaluable
Because as we all know
And have always known
Mothers are exceptional creatures…
Is there anything a mother doesn’t already know????

Friday, August 10, 2012

300 Million Strong

This poem was inspired by the speech President Obama made at the Memorial for the victims in the Gabby Gifford shooting.  I was so moved by the speech that I wrote the phrase 300 million strong in my notebook.  Days later, I started to write the poem…please comment after reading.  I would love to hear your thoughts… This was published in an online magazine recently ( and I’m now reposting.

300 Million Strong

By Masnoh Wilson

All around me, I see my family
300 million strong…
From all walks of life
And every nation on earth
From all seven continents combined
 Representing a family sublime
Divided by language, culture, color and creed
Yet trying our hardest to be
One Nation under God…
From all walks of life, my eyes behold
All God’s children,
Living and dwelling together as brethren

For we are not black nor white or yellow or red
We are humans of all shades of brown
The human race created by God
To bring forth
His Beauty, Glory
And Grace

The people here before us with their culture intact
Have influenced the way we interact
For no man lives to himself
And no man dies to himself
Our lives are intertwined
From the day we first exhale

So we are not a perfect union
Yet we must all strive to be
That one person who tries
To make life better
For others in the Family
Of 300 Million Strong

We are learning to live together,
Respecting each other,
Learning to be our brother’s keeper
While loving and helping one another
In this our family

300 million Strong
 Descendants of people
Who left the Old World
Some willingly, others unwilling,
To settle in the New
And somehow make it their own

The gifts they brought benefit us all
Every country, culture and tribe
Represented in these Great United States
Brought something to America
That can never
Be taken away, ever!

Yes, we know we are not a perfect union
But still we must all strive to be
That one person who try
To make life better for others
In this family of
300 Million Strong!!!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Beautiful Me

This poem was inspired by some alarming tweets I read this morning filled with so many disparaging remarks
 about our physical features.  As Black people, we need to celebrate and show off the beauty we possess.  I decided to write through the eyes of a child so that our children can stop being ashamed of who they are!!!

Beautiful Me
By: Masnoh Wilson

Beautiful Me
Who told me so?
You already know

'Cause in me you see
Mankind indeed
For I begin with mahogany
And sometimes end with ecru

Doesn’t matter whether
My hair is tightly coiled,
Loosely curled
Or wavy straight

After all, I am the only one of course
Who can wear my hair 
So many ways, in so many styles
Whenever I want, whenever I please

Doesn’t matter that my nose is broad
a little bit wide
Or kinda narrow
Or almost straight

Doesn’t matter that my lips are big, brown
Or medium red
Or thin and pink
Or does it matter what you think?

This is no mystery you see
Cause my beauty honey 
Begins with me 
And ends with you!

Beautiful Me
I know I am
Who told me so?
You already know!

Friday, July 6, 2012

When Darkness Came

This poem is a very personal one that took me a while to write.  For a while I did not want to feel anything or write anything...But last week I sat down and wrote this.  I hope it helps someone out there who might be going through some life-changing events.  Some people might not like to hear this, but God is real; and is becoming even more real to me as I deal with the recent events I write about in this poem. If you would like to know more, inbox me on facebook or send me a tweet at Masnoh's Books.

When Darkness Came…
by Masnoh Wilson

When darkness came
My heart stood still…
The pain so great
I thought it would break

Nothing prepares your heart for this pain
No matter how long on earth you’ve lived
This gut-wrenching, devouring, scathing ache
That just won’t go away, no matter how hard I try

I still grieve some, weep some
And then ponder…
About the nonsensical events of my life
Asking God how can it be...
A child’s life interrupted… Could not I foresee?

An illness so profound
I dare not utter its name
Has taken over a vibrant child
A lively, energetic, and spirited being
Oh God, tell me this is just a delusion

Tell me I’m dreaming and then wake me later
Cause I want to sleep until it’s all over
But over it will not be for a while
I must awake, and deal with it now

But where do I go, where do I turn
Everything seems to be shutting me down
My heart's so heavy, with grief, it’ll burst
Until I find my Anchor, The Solid Rock!


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dahboh, My Grandma

Was thinking about my Grandma the other day and what she meant to me… I always wished she had lived long enough to see us grow up.  She buried her son and then we had to bury her too.  I was still young when Dahboh passed, but she left quite an impression.  So today, I present, my En-Neh…Grandma!  Enjoy!

Dahboh, my Grandma
Masnoh Wilson

Dahboh…my Grandma
“Old woman” in Bassa
But “old woman” Dahboh was not…
Smart as a whip and ooooh what a Diva!

Spoke no English
And she didn’t care
Swung her head in the air, with her hand on her hips
‘Cause only Bassa, Dahboh wanted to hear

She told us stories
That rambled on for hours
Laughing, singing, smacking her hips- pow
Sometimes it felt like she had superpowers

Always joking, roaring with laughter
Imitating us whenever we gathered
Recited stories of her own childhood
Stories of joy and sorrows, stories that mattered

My Grandma had eyes in back of her head
Couldn’t fool her, no you couldn’t
Every now and then you got the look
So you could remember what was important

Dahboh didn’t take no mess
Dahboh  always stood for what was right
When you look at me sometimes
My Grandma's smile’s dynamite!

Friday, February 24, 2012

A Snowy Day

Here is a poem I wrote when we had our first winter storm two weeks ago.  A girlfriend on face book posted something about snow falling down and another friend added to the poem.  I wished I had copied their posts…however I went to work the following day and penned this. This is inspired by my kids when they were little and loved playing in the snow.

A Snowy Day

Snowy, snowy, snowy day
Snow is falling everywhere
Little flakes, dusty flakes
Powdery, feathery snowy flakes

Looking outside my windowpane
Lots of places I could play
Can’t wait to get outside and run
This snow’s gonna be so much fun

Got my boots, my mittens and hat
On goes my coat, all buttoned up
Mom’s hot chocolate will have to wait
Have to go now, can’t be late

Ran outside with a wham, wham bang
Slammed the door so hard it shook
Fell into a humongous pile
So much snow to thrash and hide

Friends came over from everywhere
To build snowmen, igloos, snow angels too
Took turns sledding in the backyard
Ending playtime was really hard

Scuttled inside, snow’s everywhere
Mom’s annoyed, I can see why
Got all cleaned up, raced to the kitchen
Hot chocolate and muffins waiting to be eaten!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Honoring Black Inventors and Scientists

I am unable to share a power point presentation on African-American Inventors and Scientists, but here are comments I would like to share:

If you need laser surgery, thank Patricia Bath, if you need a pacemaker, thank Otis Boykin, when you eat potato chips, thank George Crum. Thank Betty Harris for identifying explosives, thank Kennneth Kunkley for the 3D glasses, thank Valerie Thomas for the technology that helps that helped with the invention for cordless microphones and the GPS, thank Lonnie Johnson for the super-soaker and nerf balls(the kids will really love him), thank Dr. Mark Dean who helped with the invention of the PC and thank Marie Van Britton Brown for technology that helped bring about security systems for tv and home security systems...and the list goes on, and on and on. Happy Black History month y'all!!!!

Also thank Frederick McKinley whenever you open your refrigerator! Janday wanted to know why she never learned any of during her years of Black History Month in school...we can all take the blame for that!!! KNOWLEDGE IS POWER people!!! Go out there and learn and pass the knowledge on. Thank God for the internet or I wouldn't even know about the contemporary inventors!!