Monday, December 19, 2011

How Grandpa Lived

How Grandpa Lived

Masnoh Wilson

A hardworking man, a good-looking man
Who was born without a dime
But struggled all his life
To make sure he could feed his clan

Orphaned at a really young age
Had to live with many relatives
Taught himself to read and write
And with age becoming the family’s sage

Grandpa’s face was scorched by the sun
Grandpa’s hands were callously bound
Grandpa’s stride eventually slowed
But out his belly flowed oodles of laughter and fun

He worked on cars, he worked on trucks
But mostly trucks he drove all over town
Transporting people from upcountry to Monrovia
So that they could sell their market and not have to pout

To my Mom and her siblings, he was Old Pops
But to us grandkids, he was just Grandpa
Someone we thought would live forever
Until the day when he was not

Baby boy and Baby girl, he called us kids
Never seemed to know the names of his many grandkids
Every grandchild tells that same story of him…
One of many stories now being passed on to our own kids

A legacy of hard work he left us
One of making something out of nothing…
Greatly admired by his family and friends…
A life well-lived amidst all odds…

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  1. Lovely tribute to your grandfather. Grandparents and our elders in general become our valuable treasures. When they are gone, the treasure of their knowledge go with them. It's great when they have time to share love and history. Thanks Masnoh