Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Turning 21 Again?

Turning 21 Again?
          Masnoh Wilson

Where does one begin,
To tell a life story?
Do you start at twenty and one again?
Does one's life begin at a moment of epiphany?
Or does one’s life begin at one’s birth?
Does a life story begin when you’ve found
That one for whom your soul craves?
Or does it begin at a graduation, an engagement,
Or a wedding?
Does it begin at the birth of a child?
At the start of a new job,
Or at the loss of a loved one?
Or yet still, does it begin
At starting over after a divorce
Or at a marriage with someone new,
Or even after the kids are grown?
Forever 21 we can always be
For as life goes on, so do we…
Forgetting those things which are behind
And always moving forward, upward
Embracing life, like the billowing tide
Of an ocean wave
That engulfs and covers everything in sight
That passion and fire that once burned within
For people and places and things we love
Is never quenched, nor dulled or smothered…
So then 21 could we always be,
Again, and  again and again... maybe?


  1. This poem is very reflective. It forces us to look back at our lives and think about what you have learned and whether you would like to be twenty-one again or not. I love it.

  2. Masnoh, It was nice meeting you tonight and listening to you recite your poetry. Your voice adds so much to each piece. Thank you also for directing me to your site and inviting me to comment. I like this poem very much. Both in reading it and hearing it, I got stuck on the word "forgetting". Seems like the message is about recalling all life's events and never quenching, dulling or smothering our passions and fire. I spent a while thinking about what I'd put in instead of "forgetting" but never did find a good replacement. Best I could come up with was "setting down". Ah well. Guess that's why I'm NOT a poet. Best of luck to you and please, please, please keep your own passion alive. It's a delight! - Judy

    1. Thank you so much Judy. I was thinking about forgetting the sad things that make us live in the past and sometimes prevent us from beginning again!