Friday, October 28, 2011

Substitute Teaching
Masnoh Wilson

I wish I had some other job
Substitute teaching sure does suck
The kids don’t listen most of the time
All they do is cause ruckus…

Each day has its many joys
All its pleasure and all its pain
It also has its share of woes
That makes you feel you can’t take more

Yet you do what you do each day
Getting up each day, going to work
Because you need to pay those bills
So that you wouldn’t have to pop some pills

But the children can also be quite amusing
They make you laugh for no reason
They tend to grow on you, you know
Despite the stress, much joy they bestow!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Turning 21 Again?

Turning 21 Again?
          Masnoh Wilson

Where does one begin,
To tell a life story?
Do you start at twenty and one again?
Does one's life begin at a moment of epiphany?
Or does one’s life begin at one’s birth?
Does a life story begin when you’ve found
That one for whom your soul craves?
Or does it begin at a graduation, an engagement,
Or a wedding?
Does it begin at the birth of a child?
At the start of a new job,
Or at the loss of a loved one?
Or yet still, does it begin
At starting over after a divorce
Or at a marriage with someone new,
Or even after the kids are grown?
Forever 21 we can always be
For as life goes on, so do we…
Forgetting those things which are behind
And always moving forward, upward
Embracing life, like the billowing tide
Of an ocean wave
That engulfs and covers everything in sight
That passion and fire that once burned within
For people and places and things we love
Is never quenched, nor dulled or smothered…
So then 21 could we always be,
Again, and  again and again... maybe?