Tuesday, August 16, 2011

She Loves Him!!!!!

She Loves Him
By Masnoh Wilson

 Stories, stories, stories
All the time, all day long
Every minute, every second
Stories, more stores,
More stories of him

Never ending stories of mundane things
Funny stories also I must confess
Even I say sometimes," O how sweet"
When she tells me his stories
Of silly things

This thing called love, O how blissful
To see someone without limerance
I say to myself, " have I felt this way before"
Or maybe...
I've yet to love  this way again...


  1. The sweetness and newness of love...

  2. My interpretation is that of a mother trying to preserve a positive image of "him" an absent father. She even tells stories of his mundane activities. This shows a deep love and she has transferred that in her stories of him to her children.

    Question: What is limerance?

    1. Limerance means not seeing another person's fault. I like your interpretation of the poem though... ;)