Friday, August 5, 2011

Our Liberia

Our Liberia
by Masnoh Wilson

Nestled in West Africa’s impregnable bulge
Sits our cherished Land of Liberty
A Land that has stood the test of time
From 1847 until now

A Land that has experienced so much strife
Anguish, distress, horror and pain
A Land that has endured 17 years
Of a senseless, insane, selfish war

So much blood unnecessarily shed
So many lives unnecessarily lost
Those precious lives we can never replace
And those lives we never, ever want to displace

For all the men, women and children forever gone
We remember each one of you today
We don’t want you to die in vain
We want to feel your families’ pain

Because of you who've died
May we now go on
To forever be united and strong
And do all we can to right this wrong

So now Liberians, let us all go forth from this day forward
Not Country, not Conga, not Gio, or Vai
But one people, never divided by class or tribe

Each of us, let’s teach our children
That we are indeed one people
Who share a common space
Ordained by God, to be our own special place
Nestled in West Africa’s impregnable bulge!


  1. Beautiful poem about Mother Liberia. I wish we , Liberians, would adhere to the lesson in the sixth stanza of this poem, so that we can move Liberia forward UNITED as one people!

  2. Working with writers in Liberia on the books for Liberian kids, I came across similar sentiments expressed again and again. The determination to rebuild and move forward in peace that I witnessed is truly inspiring. As a Canadian writer, I wish all Liberians a lasting peace.