Saturday, May 7, 2011

For children, From Your Mothers!

New video of my Mother's Day Poem!!!!

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  1. The poem opts for down to earth rather than soaring language in order to drive home the point that mothers of mothers are gems and fountains of wisdom not fully appreciated soon enough: so we should appreciate them early enough to appreciate their many pearls of practical wisdom!
    The point of view of the poet is overwhelmingly feminine, however, and so the instances she exploits, particularly those referencing bodily functions experienced by middle aged mothers might prove something of a downer and a turn off for male readers especially,and also children; although it will likely aid the appreciation of mothers by females, especially those experiencing mid-life at the time of their encounter with this poem's lyrics.No doubt male poems of mother appreciation would have different points of emphasis.
    The closing line about the wisdom of all moms seems to overthrow the larger theme of the wealth of accumulated wisdom that mothers of mothers possess that should be taken advantage of.Overall though, its effective!
    Frankie's thoughts for what they're worth!